SNUPI will protect our home from mold and flood

People who want to protect their home or apartment have a choice of many systems specifically designed for this purpose. The problem is that most of them are directed against burglars, while in our homes lurks a much more dangerous enemy, which is mold.

The SNAPI (Sensor Network Utilizing Powerline Infrastructure) system, developed by WallyHome, is specifically designed to monitor our home in humidity and air temperature and detect mold before it becomes a serious problem.

The system consists of a central unit and a number of sensors that can be placed under the sink, next to a refrigerator, and in other places where moisture may appear, and the manufacturer ensures that the sensor power supply should operate for at least 10 years.

The best thing about SNUPI is that all of these sensors can be monitored on-line through the web site or smartphone application, so when something goes wrong, we’ll be notified.

Declared CIA documents available on the web

The American CIA has defused 12 million types of documents that have been put online. We will find information on Nazi crimes, Cuban crises, UFO sightings and many other curiosities.

The disclosure of documents was possible thanks to Bill Clinton, who in 1995 ordered that all historical documents, at least 25 years old, should be declassified. The CIA fulfilled this request, but so far they have been available only in the national archives in Washington.

In 2000, the CIA created an electronic CREST database (CIA Records Search Tool) available on the web, but it provided access only to document headers, so in order to know their full content, they had to personally visit the archive. However, in 2014, one of the journalist organizations filed a CIA lawsuit, using the law to access information and demanding that the database be placed on the Internet.

Lastly, the documents are available at -25-year-program-archive, and you can find a lot of interesting information. They describe reports from World War II or the Cuban crisis. There are also materials that will appeal to all conspirators of conspiracy theories and supernatural phenomena, such as UFO sightings, as well as the Stargate Project, based on telepathy research.

Archives cover the period from 1940 to 1990.

Samsung Galaxy S6 to debut in March already?

Samsung has not yet unveiled its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S6, but online sources suggest that its market launch may take place in late March. This is indicated by the manufacturer’s holiday ban for employees.

Galaxy S6 is currently the most curious of consumers who would like to know what Samsung will offer them this time. It can not be denied that previous models of this family were not particularly delightful in both design and software. They had a shoddy plastic case and an overlay operating system that slowed down its operation.

In the case of the Galaxy S6, Samsung wants to cut off those models by using new materials and promising software made from scratch, hoping to convince consumers to buy a smartphone and deliver much better sales than its predecessor.

We still do not know when the new product will hit the market. However, it is possible to announce the ban on corporate employees’ holidays, set for the period from 22 to 30 March. Usually it is introduced just before the appearance of a new product on the market, so this time it may be similar.

It is also interesting to see a second prohibition, which is scheduled to begin on April 19, but it is unclear what may be the case. Unofficially, it is said that the next date defines the date of launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge, but it is only speculation, as well may be a completely different product, such as the next generation of the Galaxy Note phablet.

Drones provide prison contract contraband

The UK authorities plan to create a special squad that will fight with drones. These machines are increasingly used to provide contraband to prisoners serving prison sentences in prison.

For many years, prisoners have used various ways to provide contraband to prisoners. The technology development that has taken place in recent years has made this task a lot easier. Now it is no longer necessary to combine how to bring phone or drug into the plant, as it can be done with the help of drones.

This procedure is growing year by year and it is hard to fight with it, because unmanned vehicles have enough lifting capacity to carry what they need and are small and relatively quiet so they are hard to notice. The British government considers this problem too serious to plan a special police department to handle it.

Specialists will not shoot smugglers, but focus on intelligence. They will then study the machines recovered from unsuccessful smuggling, trying to establish the identity of those involved in the smuggling.

It is worth to add that such actions were already carried out earlier, and in July last year, the British court first sentenced the citizen to smuggle contraband into jail. The man heard the sentence of 14 months of imprisonment. In October, another smuggler was sentenced to three years and four months’ imprisonment after being caught near the Warrington jail, with a bag of drones and drugs. In December another smuggler was sentenced to four years and eight months for drug and telephone smuggling.

In short, the new branch will have a lot of work.

Chromebooks with 1 TB of space in Google Drive

The holiday shopping season is approaching, so Google has launched a completely new promotion encouraging Chromebooks to be purchased. Every consumer who decides to purchase this equipment, as a gift from the US corporation, will receive a free two-year subscription of up to 1 TB of space on the Google Drive network drive.

Chromebooks, due to their good technical specifications and affordability, are very popular. However, it is always possible to increase their attractiveness in the eyes of the consumer. Especially as holidays are coming, so this equipment can be a great Christmas gift.

Google has therefore decided to encourage the purchase of Chromebooks by enriching the offer with a free, two-year access to as much as 1TB of disk space on the Google Drive network drive.

It’s a pretty good deal because its real value is as much as /i>240 if you count the price of the subscription for that period. While iCloud has shown that web drives are not particularly secure, it is always possible to encrypt the data stored on it.

Siri will board the new iPad

Siri finally slips out of the iPhone 4S and will soon also be equipped with another device from the Apple stable. During the WWDC conference, Scot Forstall announced that the assistant will be launching a new iPad with iOS 6.

That’s not the end. Siri, who will be on board the new iPad is supposed to be much better than the version we know from the iPhone 4S. Through it you will be able to check match results (or individual player stats), make restaurant table reservations, and even ask what movies currently display local cinema (and see their trailers). What’s more, if the iPhone holder is busy and will not be able to pick up the phone at the moment – at his request Siri will remind him to call back the number later. Quite useful

Hasbro has patented a 3D child scanner

Hasbro, a well-known toy company, is following the spirit of the times and is supporting 3D printing technology that is great for toy production. The company has patented the design of a completely new 3D scanner, which with the help of smartphone allows to digitize various types of objects.

In the near future you do not have to go to the store to buy a baby toy. All you have to do is launch your 3D printer, download the right plan, and after a few minutes the toy will be ready.

Contrary to appearances, such a scenario is not as improbable as it might seem. Mattel recently introduced the first 3D printer developed specifically for children, and Hasbro has just introduced a 3D scanner, which with the help of a smartphone camera and special software, is able to digitize small items.

The device has a handle on which the smartphone is inserted, and then on a special stand is placed the toy the digital image we want to create. With the crank, the toy is rotated around its axis and at this time the smartphone captures its image. Photographs are then processed and produced from the digital model of the subject.

Finish with scratches on the paint

Nobody likes scratches on car paint, smartphones, or any other object that’s used. For now, it is impossible to avoid them, however, the invention of researchers at the University of Reading in the UK hopes that this will change drastically in the future.

Self-healing plastics are not uncommon today, they have been around for years, but their use on a wider scale is still very limited, because in order to work, certain conditions must be met. Fortunately, scientists are constantly working to improve these materials, and specialists at the University of Reading have succeeded in achieving this great success.

They created supramolecular polyurethane, which has surprising properties of self-renewal already activated at body temperature, ie 37 degrees Celsius. New material, when damaged, can fix its own bindings, and after some time, after the lacing on it, there is no trace. Moreover, apart from minor scratches, larger cracks are also repaired.

The new polymer is obviously non-toxic, so it can quickly find use in the medical industry, increasing the strength of the bandages, which will reduce the risk of wound infection caused by frequent dressing changes. It can also be used in surgical sutures, and when mixed with dyes, a self-healing dye will appear. Imagine a car that you will not have to drive to a paint shop after a small parking load.